Sindy Snchz

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Grew up surrounded by the chaos and constant innovation of the printing industry, and got involved in the design wing of our family company at an early age. Come 2011, I moved to the US to pursue a higher education in design and see the world! I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rutgers-Newark last year, went back home for an amazing 2 months vacation, got married to another crazy artist, and am now a proud resident of Newark, NJ!

This city has become my home away from home. I’m in love with it’s history and arts scene, and my partner and I created Vandalhaus, a design and multimedia production studio, to get even more involved with the arts and produce original content. As of now, is a small 2 person design team, but it’s growing! We got a couple of big branding projects recently and it’s been a great rollercoaster ride. But as I love been extra busy, I am always looking for new ventures and opportunities, so if you have any work offers or freelance projects please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can see my resume here: Resume.

Here is some of my work, enjoy!  =)

– Sindy


Adobe Illustrator 100%
Adobe Photoshop 88%
Adobe Indesign 100%
Adobe After Effects 60%
HTML & CSS 50%

Areas of Expertise:

Branding 99%
Typography 85%
Layout and print design 99%
Web and CMS design 50%
Photo and video editing 80%
Motion Graphics 60%
Photography 79%